Self- acceptance

I’ve hand this feeling.

This feeling of happiness.

When I put my hand out to the mirror to her.

The water isn’t there anymore.

She isn’t drowning anymore.

She can breathe.

She can smile.



Cry of Joy.

She can hold my hand now with out a thought in the world.

She can look into my eyes and I won’t see sadness.

She can say I Love you and means it.

Every time I look in the mirror I see her looking right back.

She can never before look so beautiful, so brave, so courageous.

She’s out now and she’s ready to shine.

She takes my hand and hers and we walk into the sunlight.

Full of joy and happiness in our soul.

Knowing we are good enough.

We are brave.

We are courageous.

We are smart.

We are sexy

We are accepted.


Written for:

Kindness Challenge Week 3: Self Acceptance

Mantra:  “You are my Everything.”

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